NJ Gov. Chris Christie proves adept at using social media

By Christopher Schnaar, DailyRecord.com As a candidate 18 months ago, Gov. Chris Christie had relatively few fans on the Internet. Now, Christie has amassed tens of thousands of Internet followers who could bolster a 2013 re-election bid or a run for the White House, but his support on the Web pales in comparison with other Republican stalwarts. As candidate Barack … Read More

Digital Politics: What Mattered in 2009

By Kate Kaye, ClickZ, Jan 4, 2010 There were few big elections in 2009, but political and advocacy advertisers took the momentum built in the 2008 presidential elections and ran with it. From a surge in Twitter usage to the Google Surge, a variety of tools and techniques gained ground. Twitter as Campaign ToolThe increased use of Twitter by political … Read More

Miss California is the Left’s new Sarah Palin

As our nation struggles with its worst recession in decades, a beauty pageant runner-up, who most Americans probably never heard of three weeks ago, is attracting national headlines. Such seems absurd given the low interest in these events let alone the improbability of anyone caring about the views expressed by the contestants during the question and answer phase. Let’s face … Read More

The Cowardly Character Assassination Of Sarah Palin

By Michelle MalkinNovember 7, 2008 Sunken ships loosen bitter lips. The failed McCain campaign, for all its high-minded talk of honor, duty and courage, is now teeming with unscrupulous gossipmongers. Seems the dishy staffers forgot to crack open their copies of Sen. McCain’s bestseller, “Character Is Destiny: Inspiring Stories Every Young Person Should Know and Every Adult Should Remember.” Rest … Read More

Pull the Hair Plug on This Guy

by Ann Coulter If Sarah Palin had made just one of the wildly inaccurate statements smugly uttered by Sen. Joe Biden in last week’s vice presidential debate, there would have been 3-inch headlines in newspapers across America. (I can almost hear Katie Couric asking me, “Which newspapers?”) These weren’t insignificant errors, such as when Biden said, “Look, all you have … Read More


By Don Feder 09-09-08 www.grasstopusa.com Ever since John McCain announced Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, the left has been in irony overdrive. Among other raps, McCain is charged with tokenism for choosing a woman as his running mate — unlike the Democrats, whose choice for president had nothing to do with race, which is why they remind … Read More

Chabad envoy to Alaska: Palin staunch friend of Jews

By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent The Chabad envoy to Alaska on Thursday praised State Governor and recently nominated Republican candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin for her steadfast support for Israel. “Based on my personal acquaintance with Governor Palin, I can confidently say that if she is elected, the Jewish people and the State of Israel will have a great … Read More