LEAH expands focus to human rights education

By David A. Schwartz, Florida Jewish Journal LEAH has a new name, logo and mission. The League for Educational Awareness of the Holocaust, founded 16 years ago, is now the League for the Educational Advancement of Human Rights. The organization’s logo features two figures joined arm-in-arm in front of a colorful drawing of the earth with the organization’s name encircling it. … Read More

Analysis shows Super Tuesday a hot topic on Twitter, Facebook, other social media

From The Washington Post buy college paper WASHINGTON — The ten-state Republican Super Tuesday presidential contest generated more than 530,000 comments on social media over 24 hours, far outpacing any other primary or caucus night so far. The comments on Twitter, Facebook and other social media were tabulated by Bluefin Labs, a Cambridge, Mass., social analytic company that tracks digital … Read More