Election Over, Political Campaigns Reveal Their Bags of Tricks

By: Kate Kaye, AdAge.com Successful political campaigns, Barack Obama's among them, put real-time data to use rapidly and aggressively. Corporate brands could learn a thing or two, whether it's how data can incite speedier decisions, or the ways offline info can benefit online messaging. “Political campaigns use real-time insights and data to make creative decisions on the fly. Everything is … Read More

For candidates, supervoters deliver super results

download adobe master collection cs6 By Anthony Man, Sun Sentinel For candidates in Tuesday's party primaries and nonpartisan elections, no one is more powerful than Jim Demarest of Fort Lauderdale, Susan Freeman of Dania Beach, Susan Goldberg of Boca Raton or Deborah Nix of Delray Beach. Not the contributors with deep pockets. Not the influential party bosses. Not the campaign … Read More

E-mail marketing still strong despite social media buzz

By Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are providing businesses with new ways to market their products to existing and future customers. But as businesses rush to ‘friend’ and ‘tweet’ their way into consumers’ hearts, is e-mail marketing being trumped by social media? Industry experts say no and contend that e-mail adoption and use … Read More

Social media gives public power to shape the news

By Seth Liss   August 16, 2009 The power of social media became apparent to many this summer when the U.S. State Department asked Twitter to hold off on maintenance to its servers until after Iran’s presidential election protests. Not only were the citizens of Iran using the medium to organize and report on what was happening in their country, but … Read More

Study: Twitter Users = Information Junkies

Rather than ego fulfillment or networking, what appears to truly motivate Twitter users is learning new things and getting information in a timely manner, according to new data from research firm MarketingProfs. The study of some 425 Twitter users, conducted in early and mid-April, found that nearly 100% respondents agreed with the statements “I value getting information in a timely … Read More

CEOs Who Use Twitter

John D. Rockefeller famously saw the Wall Street crash coming and got his money out when the shoeshine boy started giving him stock tips. So what does it mean for the Next New Thing in social media when your parents-in-law start telling you about Twitter? For one thing, any self-respecting digital trendspotter will have started looking elsewhere at least a … Read More

Five Reasons Advertisers Don’t Pick The Right Retargeting Partner

To date, retargeting has typically been sold to advertisers as part of a package. Networks create an advertising menu for an advertiser that includes the main course — category-based campaigns — then throw in some RON filler and retargeting as a garnish. Retargeting has reached a level of importance that it should be the main course in these menus. The … Read More

Advertising Yourself: Building a Personal Brand through Social Networks

In 2007, Jim MacMillan was at the top of his profession — a photojournalist who had just shared a Pulitzer Prize for pictures from Iraq’s deadliest combat zones — but he also started to wonder what kind of future that profession had in store for him. His newsroom in Philadelphia was making steep job cuts in the face of plummeting … Read More

Top Social Media Sites of 2008 (Facebook Still Rising)

What were the top social media sites of 2008? ComScore came out with its worldwide traffic stats for November a few days ago (so these don’t include December). They are a mix of social networks and blogging platforms. Blogger, the orange line in the chart above, still rules the roost with an estimated 222 million unique worldwide visitors in November … Read More