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E-mail marketing still strong despite social media buzz

By Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are providing businesses with new ways to market their products to existing and future customers. But as businesses rush to ‘friend’ and ‘tweet’ their way into consumers’ hearts, is e-mail marketing being trumped by social media? Industry experts say no and contend […]...
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Who’s Driving Twitter’s Popularity? Not Teens

By CLAIRE CAIN MILLERPublished: August 25, 2009 Kristen Nagy, an 18-year-old from Sparta, N.J., sends and receives 500 text messages a day. But she never uses Twitter, even though it publishes similar snippets of conversations and observations. “I just think it’s weird and I don’t feel like everyone needs to know what I’m doing every […]...