Every month, dozens of new social networking sites
and thousands of blogs are created.


  • Do you know how to engage your target demographic?
  • Which sites are right for your brand?
  • Will you be a victim of “cyber squatting” or “social media identity theft”?
  • How will you manage your online reputation?
  • Do you have analytics to measure your success?
  • What is your plan for growing your social networking infrastructure?


Alliance Strategies Group can save you the time of hunting out niche sites for your social networking campaigns. We can build, design and manage your long-term social networking strategy. We work with SMBs, cottage industries, non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and Fortune 1000 companies who will need an active presence on 5 to 350 different social platforms.

  • Content and Blog Post Authoring
  • Corporate Blog and WordPress Designs
  • Widget Development
  • Track Retweets
  • Provide campaign metrics
  • Brand Monitoring
  • And Much, Much More!
Add our BRAND NEW IP/GEO-Sort Technology for your Twitter campaigns.

  • Automated reach to EVERY Twitter user
  • Biographical Scan
  • Tweet keyword & brand name scan
  • Geographic location scan
  • Target followers by behaviors and lifestyle psychographics
  • Following to Follower ratio scan

To learn more, contact us at info@asgroupinc.com, @asgroupinc or at (561) 499-3201.