Social Media

Are you prepared for the social media revolution?

Social Media

Every month, dozens of new social networking sites

  • Do you know how to engage your target demographic?
  • Which sites are right for your brand?
  • Will you be a victim of “cyber squatting” or “social media identity theft”?
  • How will you manage your online reputation?
  • Do you have analytics to measure your success?
  • What is your plan for growing your social networking infrastructure?
Social Media
Let ASG save you time

We Build, Design & Manage

Alliance Strategies Group can save you the time of hunting out niche sites for your social networking campaigns. We can build, design and manage your long-term social networking strategy. We work with SMBs, cottage industries, non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and Fortune 1000 companies who will need an active presence on 5 to 350 different social platforms.

We focus on our mission with an emphasis on:

  • Content and Blog Post Authoring
  • Corporate Blog and WordPress Designs
  • Widget Development
  • Track Retweets
  • Provide campaign metrics
  • Brand Monitoring
  • And Much, Much More!
Brand New Twitter Tech

IP/GEO-Sort Technology

  • Automated reach to EVERY Twitter user
  • Biographical Scan
  • Tweet keyword & brand name scan
  • Geographic location scan
  • Target followers by behaviors and lifestyle psychographics
  • Following to Follower ratio scan

To learn more, contact us at (561) 336-0040, or @asgroupinc.