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Alliance Strategies Group is focused on preserving FAITH, FREEDOM, FAMILY and FREE ENTERPRISE.

It has been our firm’s practice to serve clients exclusively seeking to increase these principles domestically and internationally.

We continue to succeed in this mission with a combination of seasoned professionals, innovative technologies and unique strategies that lead to intelligent results.

As lovers of freedom we don’t see the need to be softies either and have never been accused of being anything less than aggressive in our approach. We know how to roll up our sleeves and play hardball, because freedom can’t defend itself.

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In a world that embraces incessant self-promotion, we steadfastly believe our clients’ interests should come before ours, and that discretion in all matters is paramount.

Alliance Strategies Group is a full-service strategic planning, communications, and business development firm, with a global network of experienced professionals. Our dynamic team is dedicated to providing our clients with professional, unique, and innovative strategies. Our combined energy and experience provides unparallelled synergy for intelligent results.

Our team is guided by three principles:

  1. Enhance the effectiveness and value of the client’s mission.
  2. Our value to the client must exceed their cost.
  3. Service our clientele and their business with discretion.

We do this by adhering to strict ethical guidelines of our profession, and by maintaining the highest professional standards. Our business is not only to provide advice and service, but to also assist our clients in understanding and applying our knowledge and experience to effective action that will lead to success in their endeavors.

We believe strongly that the consultant-client relationship, especially on sensitive issues, must be grounded in trust and uncompromising confidentiality. Therefore, unlike conventional firms and agencies, we never have and never will announce our new business or publicly discuss clients without their consent.

Bryan G. Rudnick leads ASG as its Chief Evangelist and Managing Member. Bryan specializes in strategic planning, political consulting, and communications, with an emphasis on public relations and crisis management. When requested, Bryan manages development initiatives for his clients.

Prior to establishing ASG, Bryan was involved in several businesses including CPM Worldwide, a Florida-based consumer products investment firm with holdings throughout the United States and Israel. Bryan served as Operations Manager and liaison for their Opti-Clip International project. In that capacity, he oversaw marketing and beta-test sites in the United States as well as the Research and Development team in Israel regarding their patented, custom-made clip-on sunglass technology.

Before entering the private sector, Bryan founded and served as Chairman of the Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage, a ballot committee organized to support the passage of the Massachusetts Protection of Marriage Amendment. Under Bryan’s guidance, signatures were collected from 99% of the municipalities throughout the Commonwealth, thereafter receiving certification. This demonstrated citizen support made the controversial initiative the first of its kind to successfully thwart challenges during judicial review. Since then, Bryan continues to consult numerous ballot initiatives throughout the nation.

Furthermore, Bryan consults non-profit organizations and businesses as well as participates in political campaigns at almost all levels of elective office. He continues to lecture around the country and publish articles regarding American politics and related topics. He is a proud graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass., Valley Forge Military Academy, The National Journalism Center, and has also completed coursework at The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management in Washington, DC. Bryan maintains active memberships with the Florida Direct Marketing Association, American Association of Political Consultants, American Marketing Association, Public Relations Society of America, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, and the Council for National Policy.

David J. Thompson currently serves as Senior Vice President and Partner of Alliance Strategies Group, LLC. (ASG) where he oversees all aspects of New Media from Email Marketing to Social Media. During his tenure at ASG, he has become an industry leader, managing new media strategies for political campaigns, national organizations and a variety of corporate interests where his creative talents have influenced our nation’s history on numerous occasions.

Prior to joining ASG, David has been involved in almost every facet of political campaigns. He has served on several campaign staffs, most prominently as the Finance Director for Katherine Harris’ 2006 U.S. Senate Campaign as well as Campaign Manager for William Abramson’s upset victory during a 2008 Circuit Court Judge race in Palm Beach County that lead to a 30-day recount against a 25 year incumbent.

Before entering the profession of political consulting, he served as the Business Development Director for the Eaton Group, Inc. and the Passion Fund, LLC. David has also worked in a variety of capacities within the financial services, sales, research, journalism and engineering fields. His experiences have led him to design electrical lighting projects for The George Washington Bridge in New York City as well as other design projects for the United States Postal Service, Merck Pharmaceuticals and Newark International Airport.

Previous to which, David was a member of an archaeological team that excavated portions of Albany, New York’s, downtown Maiden Lane where 17th century docks were exposed and mapped using laser imaging technology for the first time in the United States for an archaeological project. He also assisted in the excavation, and memorialization of unmarked graves for some of Albany’s forgotten resident’s from the 19th century.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Cortland in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology and minor in Political Science. David’s hobbies include personal nutrition and fitness and he is a die-hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees. He enjoys passing his time by exploring pre-Colombian sites in Mesoamerica, studying ancient history and the early Roman Catholic Church.

David is an active South Florida community member and a member of Legatus, a Catholic CEO and Business Leaders Organization.

David is certified in Email Messaging and Value Proposition Development.

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