Election Embeds: Facebook, Google Got Cozy With Campaigns

By: Kate Kaye, Ad Age Big brands and agencies are used to lots of attention from Facebook and Google, so it's no surprise the presidential campaigns, with their vast ad budgets, got some, too. But as the election fades, Ad Age has learned more about just how closely the two largest sellers of digital advertising worked with the campaigns, even … Read More

How Campaigns’ Use of Facebook Data Might Change the 2012 Election

By Nick Judd | techPresident More than in any other race to date, Americans may experience the 2012 presidential election through precisely targeted phone calls, visits, tweets and Facebook posts — messages not from the candidates themselves, but from their own politically active friends. If those messages come, they won’t be random. As campaigns become more savvy about their data … Read More

This Is How The World Reacted To Osama Bin Laden’s Death

BY GREGORY FERENSTEIN, FAST COMPANY From Crimson Hexagon, the social media analysis firm that dispelled the myth of the Verizon iPhone exodus and Sharon Angle’s 2010 Senate sweep, comes a truer-to-life snapshot of the world’s reaction to Osama Bin Laden’s death. Nearly 50% of social media reaction wasn’t simple jubilation, but rather a mixture of fear, humor, and solemn remembrance. … Read More

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube now crucial to presidential campaigns

By Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times Four years ago, Barack Obama kicked off his presidential campaign on the steps of Illinois’ Old State Capitol, speaking in front of thousands of supporters and a throng of media. Earlier this month, when he formally announced his reelection campaign, he did so without public appearance, in an online video. The shift in part … Read More


By Meredith Gessup, TheBlaze.com The dawn of the 21st century has bid farewell to pen and paper communications and opened the door to digital pokes, likes and status updates. If you don’t know what those terms means, there‘s a good chance you’re now in the minority of Americans who have not logged on to Facebook, the world’s most popular social … Read More

NJ Gov. Chris Christie proves adept at using social media

By Christopher Schnaar, DailyRecord.com As a candidate 18 months ago, Gov. Chris Christie had relatively few fans on the Internet. Now, Christie has amassed tens of thousands of Internet followers who could bolster a 2013 re-election bid or a run for the White House, but his support on the Web pales in comparison with other Republican stalwarts. As candidate Barack … Read More

Conservatives Branch Out With New Media Ventures

By Kelley Vlahos, FOX News WASHINGTON – When conservative movies, music, YouTube videos and newscasts are considered “hip and cool,” you know the movement has come a long way. So say attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, where a variety of activists have been taking it to the next level, utilizing social media like Facebook and … Read More

Twitter tries to turn 140 characters into money

By Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times Reporting from San Francisco — On “The Tonight Show,” Conan O’Brien used to get big laughs for mocking Twitter as an egotistical stream of mundane updates from celebrities. But when he got bounced from his late-night gig at NBC, O’Brien could no longer take to the airwaves to reach his fans, so Twitter became … Read More

22% of online Americans used social networking or Twitter for politics in 2010 campaign

By Pew Internet After first gaining prominence as tools for political engagement during the 2008 presidential election, social media became a regular part of the political environment for voters in the 2010 midyear elections. Some 22% of online adults used Twitter or social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace in the months leading up to the November, 2010 elections … Read More