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Articles of Interest
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E-mail marketing still strong despite social media buzz

By Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are providing businesses with new ways to market their products to existing and future customers. But as businesses rush to ‘friend’ and ‘tweet’ their way into consumers’ hearts, is e-mail marketing being trumped by social media? Industry experts say no and contend […]...
Clients In The News
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Birthday Bomb For Nancy Pelosi

On March 25th John Dennis, Republican for California’s 8th Congressional District will celebrate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 70th birthday and wants to give her the greatest gift America can give her: EARLY RETIREMENT. He is seeking to raise over $100,000 between today and Friday, March 26th....
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Speaker Pelosi Hates This

[youtube id=”ZRZamO8vUjM” w=”285″ h=”230″] In the heat of the last days of the healthcare debate, ASG had the distinct pleasure of assisting Independent Women’s Voice with creating this spot, which is hosted at, which was also designed by the ASG team....
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Tea Party Brings Energy, Change and Tumult to GOP

Micahel Barone, The political commentariat doesn’t know what to make of those thousands of Americans who have spontaneously thronged to tea parties and town hall meetings to oppose the big government programs of the Obama administration and Democratic congressional leaders. Some on the left attack them as fascists or racists, though evidence of that […]...