Election Embeds: Facebook, Google Got Cozy With Campaigns

By: Kate Kaye, Ad Age Big brands and agencies are used to lots of attention from Facebook and Google, so it's no surprise the presidential campaigns, with their vast ad budgets, got some, too. But as the election fades, Ad Age has learned more about just how closely the two largest sellers of digital advertising worked with the campaigns, even … Read More

The 140-Character Campaign: Which GOP Candidate Is Winning at Social Media?

By Amy Bingham, The Note – ABC News Can a presidential candidate win an election 140 characters at a time? In this digital age, they sure are trying. Whether it is a promoted tweet, a YouTube video or a Google search ad, presidential campaigns have infiltrated social media in unprecedented ways this election cycle. “It would be crazy for a … Read More

Google to launch YouTube Politics

By JENNIFER MARTINEZ | Politico Google-owned YouTube is launching a special site Thursday that it hopes will be a one-stop online spot for political junkies to watch the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2012 presidential campaign. The site, YouTube Politics, will include videos from the candidates’ official YouTube channels and a mix of videos produced by media … Read More

Meet the Biggest Threat to Google, AOL, and Microsoft: Ronald Reagan

BY AUSTIN CARR, Fast Company In the world of email, a short list of companies dominate–Google, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft–but there’s a new player in the game that’s ready to tear down their firewalls: Ronald Reagan. Just as Reagan took on Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter, the conservative icon’s family isn’t about to bow down to any lily-livered liberals, be them … Read More

Twitter tries to turn 140 characters into money

By Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times Reporting from San Francisco — On “The Tonight Show,” Conan O’Brien used to get big laughs for mocking Twitter as an egotistical stream of mundane updates from celebrities. But when he got bounced from his late-night gig at NBC, O’Brien could no longer take to the airwaves to reach his fans, so Twitter became … Read More

Social media midterm election coverage plays big

By Craig Howie, Los Angeles Times Twitter, Facebook, Google and Foursquare all did their bit for democracy Tuesday with election-themed widgets and services appearing on their pages. Facebook featured an online vote counter, which appears at the top of a user’s feed and allows users to click to say they voted, which earns them an “I voted” badge they can … Read More

The Economics of Giving It Away

By Chris AndersonThe Wall Street Journal Over the past decade, we have built a country-sized economy online where the default price is zero — nothing, nada, zip. Digital goods — from music and video to Wikipedia — can be produced and distributed at virtually no marginal cost, and so, by the laws of economics, price has gone the same way, … Read More