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New Requirements on Border ID Stir Worries at Crossings

By GINGER THOMPSON Published: May 23, 2009 WASHINGTON — After years of delay and hundreds of millions of … Read more

Advocates of Gun Rights Are Poised for a Victory

by Carl Hulsehttp://www.nytimes.comWASHINGTON — Advocates of gun rights are poised to win a Congressional victory that eluded them under a Republican president.To the frustration and discouragement of … Read more

Happiness Is … Being Old, Male and Republican

by Robert Roy Britthttp://www.livescience.comAmericans grow happier as they age, surveys find. And a new Pew Research Center survey shows the tendency is holding up as the economy tanks.Happiness … Read more

When Bibi Met Obama


Study: Twitter Users = Information Junkies

Rather than ego fulfillment or networking, what appears to truly motivate Twitter users is learning new things and getting information in a timely manner, according to new data from research … Read more

CEOs Who Use Twitter

By Douglas MacMillan and Rebecca Reisner Business WeekIn August 2008 we reported on 18 chief executives who use the microblogging application Twitter to clue customers in … Read more

CEOs Who Use Twitter

John D. Rockefeller famously saw the Wall Street crash coming and got his money out when the shoeshine boy started giving him stock tips. So what does it mean for … Read more

Miss California is the Left’s new Sarah Palin

As our nation struggles with its worst recession in decades, a beauty pageant runner-up, who most Americans probably never heard of three weeks ago, is attracting national headlines. … Read more

How does releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay make us safer?

Politically Correct Torture

by Frank Turek waterboarding torture? If it is, we’ve been torturing our service members for years. As a United States Naval Aviator, I attended SERE school … Read more