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Election Embeds: Facebook, Google Got Cozy With Campaigns

By: Kate Kaye, Ad Age

Big brands and agencies are used to lots of attention from … Read more

The 140-Character Campaign: Which GOP Candidate Is Winning at Social Media?

By Amy Bingham, The Note – ABC News

Can a presidential candidate win an election 140 characters at a time? … Read more

Google to launch YouTube Politics


Google-owned YouTube is launching a special site Thursday that it hopes will be a one-stop … Read more

Meet the Biggest Threat to Google, AOL, and Microsoft: Ronald Reagan

BY AUSTIN CARR, Fast Company

In the world of email, a short list of companies dominate–Google, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft–but there’s … Read more

Twitter tries to turn 140 characters into money

By Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times

Reporting from San Francisco — On “The Tonight Show,” Conan O’Brien used to get big laughs for mocking Twitter as an egotistical stream of mundane … Read more

Social media midterm election coverage plays big

By Craig Howie, Los Angeles Times

Twitter, Facebook, Google and Foursquare all did their bit for democracy Tuesday with election-themed widgets and services appearing on their pages.

Facebook featured an online vote … Read more

The Economics of Giving It Away

By Chris AndersonThe Wall Street JournalOver the past decade, we have built a country-sized economy online where the default price is zero — nothing, nada, zip. Digital … Read more