FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — 3 September 2008
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ST. PAUL, MN—On Tuesday, September 2, the Circle of Friends for American Veterans (COFAV), celebrated their second successful event in as many weeks. The event, which was held at the Penthouse of the Downtown University Club, during the RNC, brought attention to the much-needed Veterans Bill of Rights to help the 250,000 homeless veterans on our streets every night. It was attended by Members of Congress, State party elected officials and delegates. The featured presentation was a live internet feed from our troops on the frontline in Afghanistan.

‘”On any given night, the Department of Veterans Affairs only provides 10,000 beds for the 250,000 homeless American veterans who live on our streets,” said Major Brian Hampton (USAR RET), President, Circle of Friends for American Veterans. ” The much needed Veterans’ Bill of Rights, calls for badly needed reforms to ensure that those who served this nation in uniform, honorably and nobly are given adequate housing and mental health care.”
Over 350 persons attended the event to hear the featured speakers, which included a keynote address by Academy Award Winning Actor Jon Voight.

Other speakers included:

U.S. Representative Tom Davis (VA-11th)
U.S. Representative Michael Rogers (MI-8th)
Ernest Jackson of the Prodigal House, a St. Paul shelter for Homeless Veterans.
Former Homeless American Veteran Farrington Starnes and many other notables.

The Circle of Friends for American Veterans (COFAV) is a non-profit organization dedicated to American veterans and to raising awareness of the problems and solutions to veterans’ homelessness. As one of the foremost veterans’ advocacy organizations in America, the COFAV has reached over 50 million people through media coverage all over America. Since 1993, this organization has conducted 46 city rallies across the nation, allowing the leaders of our country to explain what they will do for veterans, especially homeless veterans. Additionally, the Circle of Friends has conducted over 150 forums with important decision-makers from Congress and the Department of Defense.
To learn more information, please visit www.vetsvision.org