Win in 2018 and Avoid Silicon Valley Censorship

Boynton Beach, FL– Alliance Strategies Group, LLC (ASG), one of the nation’s leading full-service strategic planning, online marketing, and communications firms invites all conservative candidates and conservative causes, to contact them for assistance reaching the most responsive audiences online for fundraising and voter contact, without the use of` Silicon Valley companies that will censor their messages.  ASG’s global network of experienced professionals have guided clients to fundraising success, legislative and campaign victories by providing the resources and expertise to engage Trump supporters and other online audiences who will always prove beneficial to their causes.

“There is no reason conservatives should support Silicon Valley companies who will censor their messages and permit foreign nationals to sway our electoral process when our candidates and organizations can reach the same voters in a more effective and meaningful way, while sending a message to those who would censor messages like Twitter did to Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) earlier this week,” states Bryan Rudnick, Chief Evangelist of Alliance Strategies Group.  “We offer a full spectrum of proven experience and digital advertising opportunities to help our clients amplify your voice, reach desired constituencies, and have done it longer than most Silicon Valley companies.”

With a combined experience of more than 20 years in political consulting, digital advertising and fundraising, the team at ASG can be a one-stop resource to help clients design effective strategies, fine-tune messages and reach audiences at nationally or in a local district.

Our capabilities help our clients target the following audiences:

2nd Amendment supportersHealth ailment patients
Border Security activistsHomeland Security activists
Catholic activistsIsrael supporters
Catholic communityLibertarian activists
Catholic donorsLibertarian donors
Christian donorsJewish activists
Christian communityJewish community
Christian activistsJewish donors
Conservative donorsPro-Life supporters
Conservative activistsRepublicans
Donor email listRepublican donors
Financial investorsRepublican voters
Financial product buyersRon Paul supporter
Firearms/ gun enthusiastsRon Paul donors
HuntersTea Party
General consumersTrump Supporters

Every digital account specialist at ASG is happy to offer a free consultation with any conservative candidate or leader of a conservative cause regarding our abilities to target registered voters or implement winning strategies.

ASG offers more than 200 digital advertising opportunities that have been used by presidential campaigns, senatorial campaigns, gubernatorial campaigns, Congressional campaigns, PACs,  associations, trade groups, 501c3s, 501c4s and many more!


Alliance Strategies Group, located in Boynton Beach, Florida, is a full-service strategic planning, online marketing, communications, and business development firm, with a global network of experienced professionals. Since 2005, our dynamic team has been dedicated to providing our clients with professional, unique, and innovative strategies. Our combined energy and experience provides unparallelled synergy for intelligent results.  ASG consults non-profit organizations and businesses as well as participates in political campaigns at almost all levels of elective office, including more than six Presidential candidates since 2012.  ASG’s reach offers strong relationships for both advertisers and publishers within the top political, health, faith, firearms, prepper and financial sectors.