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Entrepreneurs Hire Consultants to Promote Business on Social-Media Sites, but the Extra Cost Is Big Question

Firms Get a Hand With Twitter, Facebook Wall Street Journal, 1 October 2009By SARAH E. NEEDLEMANSylvester Chisom began paying a consultant last summer to blog … Read more

Americans Now View Congress As Least Respected Job

With the health care debate raging in Washington, D.C., there’s one change Americans clearly believe in: Members of Congress have now surpassed corporate CEOs to hold the least … Read more

The 7 Biggest Legal Risks to Your Company When Using Social Media

How to Avoid Draconian Rules and Keep the FTC Off Your Back at the Same TimeBy Brian Heidelberger Published: September 15, 2009As an advertising lawyer, I … Read more

Civic Engagement Online: Politics as Usual

Whether they take place on the internet or off, traditional political activities remain the domain of those with high levels of income and education.Contrary to the hopes of some advocates, … Read more

Does Twitter favor conservatives?

Johanna NeumanThe Los Angeles TimesThe White House announced with some fanfare over the weekend that its Twitter account had passed the 1 million mark.“A million … Read more

Who’s Driving Twitter’s Popularity? Not Teens

By CLAIRE CAIN MILLERPublished: August 25, 2009Kristen Nagy, an 18-year-old from Sparta, N.J., sends and receives 500 … Read more

AAPC Statement Regarding Disclaimers in New Media

ASG, a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, agrees with its statement regarding the use of disclaimers in new media communicationsfor political candidates:This policy statement was … Read more

Social media gives public power to shape the news

By Seth Liss   August 16, 2009
The power of social media became apparent to many this summer when the U.S. State Department asked Twitter to hold off on maintenance to … Read more

Focusing on Social Networks

AUGUST 18, 2009 … Read more

For Companies, a Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMANThe Wall Street JournalA growing number of businesses are tracking social-media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to gauge consumer sentiment and avert potential public-relations … Read more