AAPC Statement Regarding Disclaimers in New Media

ASG, a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, agrees with its statement regarding the use of disclaimers in new media communicationsfor political candidates:

This policy statement was issued in response to a Florida Election Commission complaint filed against Mayoral candidate Scott Wagman in St. Petersburg, alleging he omitted the state’s required disclaimer in online advertisements he was sending out. Brian Franklin, a member of AAPC and a consultant to State Senator Ted Deutch of Florida, requested this statement to aid the senator in writing and defending his proposed legislation regarding disclaimers on online advertising. Senator Deutch proposed legislation last year which was not acted upon. He is planning to reintroduce the bill.

The policy statement was crafted by the AAPC Legislative Committee; Art Hackney and Rich Schlackman, co-chairs; and members Tom Hiltachk, Mark Mellman, Liz Welsh and Brad Chism. Also involved in the drafting of the statement were our AAPC officers; Whit Ayres, Dale Emmons and Ed Goeas Board Member Rebecca Donatelli and members Brian Franklin and Mike Hutchinson. Mark Weaver, a political law attorney and AAPC member in Columbus, Ohio is assisting Brian and the Senator on drafting this proposed legislation.

To view the entire statement, visit http://theaapc.net/mail/util.cfmgpiv=2100045558.8279.42&gen=1