Meet Nancy’s Nemesis


24 August 2010


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Meet Nancy’s Nemesis

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – John Dennis is anti-war, a longtime member of the National Rifle Association, a San Francisco businessman – and the GOP nominee in California’s 8th Congressional District facing Nancy Pelosi this November. Dennis is personally leading the on-the-ground charge to “Fire Pelosi” by reaching out across the party aisle to detail his vision for limited government, lower taxes and restoring our civil liberties.

Instead, we have witnessed the least ethical and least transparent Congress in our history. Under the rule of Nancy Pelosi, we have lost more civil rights, are forced to pay more taxes, saw wasteful government spending increase exponentially, which just last week included another $26 billion in a so-called “state-aid bill.”

As a common sense Republican, John has proven that he possesses a detailed understanding of issues and the ability to articulate coherent policy positions, which has earned him support from San Francisco Republican, Democrat and Independent voters alike. As a Republican in San Francisco, John understands the dynamics of the district and maintains a message focused on personal liberty, fiscal responsibility and repealing Pelosi-care.

John Dennis stated:

“I am receiving a tremendous outpouring of support from San Francisco voters, Independents and Democrats, who like us Republicans, believe it is time for a more common sense approach to leadership in Washington. Like the voters throughout this district, I think it’s time to replace Nancy Pelosi who has spent 23 years filing earmarks, ignoring our civil liberties and perpetuating the depression through more borrowing, spending and fear inducing actions that hurt individuals and the business community alike.”

John Dennis has been endorsed by (a summary):

  • Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX), winner of the 2010 CPAC Presidential straw poll.
  • Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr.
  • The San Francisco Young Republicans
  • Tony Ribera, former San Francisco Chief of Police and Republican leader.
  • Tony Hall, an Independent and former San Francisco city Supervisor.
  • The Republican Liberty Caucus
  • The Tenth Amendment Center
  • Western Representation PAC
  • Independence Caucus, a national non-partisan grass roots organization
  • Voters With Change, an organization that finds and vets Congressional Candidates who promise to adhere to the Constitutional Authority Test.

Born in Jersey City, the son of a longshoreman and a city hall clerk, he grew up in one of the city’s toughest public housing projects. After graduating from Fordham University, John co-founded Humanscale, which became one of the world’s top 10 design firms, specializing in office ergonomics. After a varied career in global development and marketing, John created Foundation Real Estate, a San Francisco-based investment company with domestic and international holdings.

John’s background, ideas, campaign to get the economy moving again and desire to protect individual rights is well received nationwide. He is an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, and has been a pro-liberty Republican for a quarter century.

For more information, visit: or call Bryan Rudnick at (561) 336-0040.


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