Party Time: Tivo Measures Viewing, Via Dems, GOP

by Wayne Friedman, Yesterday, 12:02 PM
Want to grab a Republican and not in the usual TV places? Try “Wipeout” on ABC. A Democrat? How about TNT’s “Saving Grace”?

In July, TiVo used PowerWatchTM ratings service — one that surveys its DVR users — to examine party affiliations concerning TV programming. It didn’t just measure the seemingly obvious TV news show category, but monitored general entertainment programming, as well.

The highest-rated show for those who identify themselves as Republicans was Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” a show about real-life lobster fishermen in the rough and cold waters of Alaska. The show grabbed a 4.9 rating among Republican viewers, with an index of 130.2, which equates to some 30% over the average.

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