Email reputation: what is the expiration date of your opt-ins?

Expiration Date Email MarketingAssuming that you’re an email marketer with a conscience (and that knows a little about deliverability) you only send emails to people that opted in.

Maybe you even chose to go with a double opt-in system, to be 100% sure that your recipients are actually interested in your emails.

But although you are now complying to the email marketing legislation, these efforts aren’t enough to prevent that you’ll be regarded as a spammer.

An opt-in’s sustainability isn’t endless. Think about your email reputation and ask your recipients to prolong their subscriptions from time to time.

Interests change
Somebody that signed up for your newsletters might not be interested in your emails anymore. People change, and so do their interests. Maybe they started working in another industry, maybe they started a new hobby a little too enthusiastic or maybe they just lost interest.

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