CPAC Bloggers Given Sneak Peak of New “Atlas Shrugged” Film

By Philip Klein, The American Spectator

Last night, along with other bloggers at the Freedom Works’ CPAC party, I got to see several scenes from the upcoming adaptation of Ayn Rand’s classic novel Atlas Shrugged. The showing was part of the producers’ effort to generate grassroots support for the film to help distribute it into theaters nationwide.

As a long-time fan of the novel and a very discriminating movie viewer, I’ll admit that I’ve had my doubts about this project all along, given its low budget and rushed production schedule. Viewing the scenes that I did – albeit a small sample size – did not assuage my early concerns.

Like the book, the film is set in the near future, though now it’s given the date of 2016. The filmmakers went for a “ripped from the headlines” type vibe, with images of the economy tanking, the country’s infrastructure collapsing, protests raging in the streets, Congress passing statist legislation, and a TV news anchor leading a panel discussion between some of the book’s characters.

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