• ASG possesses an estimated 100 million email addresses and some of the most proprietary social media technology, .
  • In 2010, Nancy Pelosi’s Republican opponent, John Dennis, retained ASG to coordinate his nationwide email fundraising efforts as well as manage his house email file, and place him on radio shows nationally. These efforts continue to raise Dennis tens of thousands of dollars, and help him to reach his quarterly fundraising goals.
  • ASG coordinated 2,000,000 emails in December 2009 promoting the Allen West (R-FL) Revolution video. This email campaign garnered LTC (ret) West tens of thousands of dollars to complement his interview on Sean Hannity’s television show, all of which led to West beating the incumbent in quarterly fundraising.
  • In November 2009, ASG coordinated millions of emails for Doug Hoffman (C –NY) in his campaign for NY-23′s Congressional seat. These emails raised Hoffman over $30,000 nationally in the last week of a highly watched campaign.
  • In September 2009, ASG coordinated millions of emails for Rep. Joe Wilson (R –SC) who defended his position in questioning President Barack Obama. These emails are reported to have raised Rep. Wilson over $2 million.
  • After receiving international attention for emails deployed on behalf of John McCain for President in October 2008, Alliance Strategies Group became the leading conservative/Republican firm in the nation for online marketing, email marketing and social media with clients ranging from U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns to financial newsletters, and publicly traded companies.
  • When Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, Israel, visited the United States during the Summer of 2008, Alliance Strategies Group was retained to organize the details of his visit, meetings with dignitaries and media interviews.
  • As National Communications Director for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, ASG President Bryan Rudnick orchestrated the national media attention as well as tens of millions of emails, and more than 3 million phone calls and fax messages that led to the defeat of the amnesty bill in June 2007.
  • In Palm Beach County, recounts have become synonymous with golden beaches and blue skies. ASG Vice President David Thompson managed the campaign of the underdog candidate for Circuit Court Judge against a 25-year incumbent. A difference of 18 votes on Election night lead to an automatic recount. ASG President Bryan Rudnick managed a team of lawyers and media and demonstrated why the Sequoia voting machines were faulty. End result: the ASG candidate won by 61 votes after a 30-day recount.