Vote For the Conservative Because They Can Win

By James Allen,

The Republican Party is in serious trouble if its leadership continues the habit of disparaging conservative tea-party candidates. This is one reason why I believe people have become disillusioned, left the Republican Party and are looking for a third party that represents their values, no matter how damaging this may be when it comes to defeating Democrats in the general election. November 2010 could be either a sweeping and historic conservative victory or a permanent and perhaps fatal blow to the Republican Party establishment.

William F. Buckley famously said, “always vote for the conservative who could win”. I completely agree with this idea. I have yet to find a Blue Dog Democrat worth supporting and I think their rumored existence is about as likely as Sasquatch. Despite my respect for Buckley, the political landscape has changed so much in the last two years that I believe “who could win” has changed more than some people may think.

Democrats no longer value our republican form of government and the liberty of the individual to succeed and fail. Instead, they are grossly enamored with direct democracy and big government social engineering. Then there is the Republican Party, which has been influenced by the lovely-sounding lies of progressivism, sacrificing its conservative message and classical liberal values to the priests of the main stream media at the altar of Congress. The Democrat Party should just dispense with pretenses and start referring to themselves as the “Social Democratic Party”. Likewise, in threatening to withhold funds from a candidate who won the Delaware primary, the current leadership of the Republican party should admit that they are arrogant and out of touch with conservatives.

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