Townsend Looks Ahead To General Election Matchup

By Solomon Syed, NY1

“So I feel comfortable saying tonight that I feel very good about the outcome of this primary,” said Jay Townsend.

Though he didn’t fully come out and say it, Jay Townsend’s address to supporters in upstate Colonie Tuesday night sure sounded like a victory speech.

“If you believe that drowning the next generation in $13 trillion tsunami of red ink, then Chuck Schumer is your man,” Townsend said. “If you think it’s time Washington lived within its means, then Jay Townsend is your choice.”

Townsend is already starting the next phase of his campaign by going after the two-time incumbent senator who leads big in the polls and in fundraising. Even before his speech, Townsend sounded ready to take on the role of underdog.

“I cannot wait to get in the arena with that man,” he said.

Townsend also claims he’s ready to embrace the other big winner of the night – gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who supported Townsend’s opponent in the race to take on Schumer.

“We’ve talked quite a bit. We’ve gotten to know each other,” said Townsend. “I like him. I admire what he’s done and I’ll be happy to support him.”

And support is what Townsend will need to win the uphill battle against Schumer. With over $23 million at his disposal, New York’s senior senator may hope to spend his way to victory. But Townsend counters that in this political climate, Schumer cannot just hide behind a war chest.

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