PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA/ The ACORN Watch Report, , has launched a new website to expose those organizations and individuals who want to disrupt the electorate in America through fraud, deception or intimidation. The ACORN Watch Report site has original content written by former ACORN activists and those who are diligently observing their activities. “Our goal is to educate and inform the public about the gross injustice that is taking place in the American electorate. We are dedicated to exposing those who jeopardize the integrity of our democratic process.” Editor of The ACORN Watch Report, Michael Solomon states, “We resolve to inform the public regarding the forces that threaten the Constitutional right of all Americans to have their ballot counted without interference or manipulation. We will, without hesitation or bias, divulge the name of any group or individual who infringes upon the right of any citizen to participate in the electoral process. We will name names.” Solomon, further states that The ACORN Watch Report is non-partisan and will not be guided by party lines. Anyone who attempts to disrupt the electoral process in America will be exposed. “Our success, however, can only be achieved with the help of all citizens,” Solomon said. “We are asking anyone who suspects voter registration or voter fraud to notify us. We will be sharing anything that we learn with law enforcement authorities.” If you experience, discover, or suspect that any group or individual is tampering with the sacred right to vote, please inform us at As Justice Louis D. Brandeis once stated, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” Michael Solomon is a former NYPD Special Investigator and recently participated in the Palm Beach County recount for the August 26th Circuit Court judicial election. Michael is a life-long political enthusiast and author. His last book, “Where Did My America Go?” was a Top 10 best seller. For further information please visit The ACORN Watch Report 7491 N Federal Hwy Ste C5-324 Boca Raton, FL 33487 ###