Should Michael Steele Stay as RNC Chairman?

By Star Parker,

Next month the Republican National Committee will elect a chairman to lead their party into the 2012 presidential election.

Current chairman Michael Steele, who has been a source of controversy throughout his two year tenure, is being challenged by a number of candidates.

Many Republicans are unhappy with Steele’s leadership style and management. But despite the relevance of these concerns, they should not be the central issue.

Of central concern should be crystallizing the Republican Party’s vision for our nation and electing a chairman in tune with this vision, committed to it, and capable of rallying the party and the nation around it.

Despite the sweeping Republican victory in the 2010 congressional elections, there’s little evidence that the election reflected a new love affair between voters and the Republican Party. Much work remains to be done to restore party credibility.

In a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll released a few days ago, 42% of respondents said they plan to vote for President Obama in 2012 against 39% who indicated they’d vote for the Republican candidate. In a match up against Mitt Romney, 47% picked Obama versus 40% for Romney. Against Sarah Palin, 55% said they’d vote for Obama versus 33% for Palin.

If some of the logic in Steele’s selection two years ago was that a black chairman would expand Republican Party appeal to minority voters, there’s scant evidence that this was accomplished.

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