is being launched today

For more information, contact: Bryan Rudnick, Alliance Strategies Group at (561) 336-0040 is being launched today by Mr. Nir Barkat as the internet gateway to the Holy City of Jerusalem for billions of faithful from all around the world. Web surfers seeking a spiritual connection to Jerusalem can now easily access its holy sites, anytime from anywhere…with just the click of a mouse.

Nir Barkat, will be visiting the United States from July 21-24 for meetings with members of the Jewish Community and other interested parties to discuss the impact of and StartUp Jerusalem, where he serves as founder and Vice Chairman.

StartUp Jerusalem seeks to keep Jerusalem united and to strengthen the city of Jerusalem through education, entrepreneurship, and American tourism.

Mr. Barkat is the former Chairman of Checkpoint Software and is also poised to be the future Mayor of Jerusalem.

He is currently a member of the Jerusalem City Council and also the founder and Chairman of “New Spirit,” a student-based organization whose goal is to forge ties between students and the City of Jerusalem, based on the view that students and young people are a key resource for ensuring the City’s future growth.