GOP Challenger Jay Townsend Clowns Chuck Schumer’s “Imaginary Friends”

By Celeste Katz, New York Daily News

There have been some rough web videos out this cycle, no doubt, but I’d have to put this one from the GOP’s Jay Townsend up there for pure Chuck Schumer-bashing.

The senatorial hopeful is out with this clip that mocks everything from Schumer’s beloved press conferences to his “imaginary friends,” The Baileys (the couple Schumer used as a composite example in his book, “Positively American: Winning Back The Middle Class Majority One Family At A Time.”)

Townsend, who’s up against fellow Republican Gary Berntsen for the chance to knock the powerful Schumer out of the Senate, starts out easy, goofing on Schumer for taking up everything from sunscreen to the iPhone, but then he gets serious, switching gears to the federal deficit and taxes and winding up with a direct challenge to Schumer to speak out on the near-Ground Zero mosque. (Schumer’s office has said he’s “not opposed” to the plan.)

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