$5 Million of Consequences & Common Sense Thinking–Will It Win The Election

Some say we may “Never Find Out” what really wins elections.

MEDIA ADVISORY– Yesterday, Let Freedom Ring kicked off its $5 million dollar, three-part radio and television spot campaign making it the largest single ad campaign among outside advocacy groups in this year’s presidential election cycle. Let Freedom Ring is also the organization that was responsible for the “Both Ways Barack” ad campaign and the first political ad ever to run on MTV reaching out to the 18- 34 age group and first-time voters.

Let Freedom Ring and its president, Colin Hanna, are working hard to deliver messages that cut through the rhetoric that seems characteristic of most election ad campaigns.

The first campaign is “Common Sense Thinking.” The two spots are “Common Sense Thinking on Energy” and “Common Sense Thinking on Union Elections.” The former promotes the aggressive development of domestic energy resources. The latter spot focuses on the indefensible and undemocratic proposal to replace secret ballots in union elections with “Card Check.” It will run in the four battleground states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Colorado. The one week budget is for the week of October 13 and is $1 million.

The second campaign is “Consequences.” It focuses attention on the often overlooked consequences of a leftist takeover of our government which could actually occur if the Democrats win the White House, expand their majorities in the House and Senate, perhaps even achieving a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, which could then be followed by the appointment of left-leaning Justices to the Supreme Court.
Many Americans are attracted by the soft sweet sounds of hope, change and post-partisanship. But stop to consider the full consequences of supporting that siren song – massively higher taxes, an enormous increase in restrictive regulations, a diminished military, and, most alarmingly, the appearance of weakness to our enemies – enemies who consider weakness to be provocative. “Consequences” will begin the week of October 20 and this television spot buy will be approximately $1.5 million.

The third campaign is “Never Find Out.” It presents a fresh, new look unlike anything else in the realm of issue advocacy or political advertising. Its budget is $2.5 million, and it will include national cable and broadcast network advertising in addition to spot campaigns in key states.

Many of the spots may be viewed at www.YouTube.com/letfreedomringusa

They may also be viewed at: www.Consequences.org, www.CommonSenseThinking2008.org and at www.NeverFindOut.org