On Twitter, House GOP has edge over Democrats

By DAVID CHARNS, KRISTEN BARBARESI and KELLY F. ZIMMERMAN, Breitbart WASHINGTON – Republicans have a 48-seat majority in the House. But on Twitter, they have a much bigger edge. Since 2007, Republicans have sent twice as many tweets as Democrats. A Republican, Sen. John McCain of Arizona (SenJohnMcCain) is the most followed senator on Twitter. About 1.73 million people have … Read More

Is Adam Hasner monitoring your Facebook posts?

By Jack Furnari, BizPac Review If you haven’t spoken to U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner in a while, all you have to do is post a link to a story he doesn’t like on Facebook, and he’ll give you a call. According to Boca Raton political consultant Bryan Rudnick, that’s exactly what happened when he posted a link to Adam … Read More

Conservatism works

By Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation When a liberal debates a conservative on ideas, the liberal usually says the same thing. We can do better. Meaning of course, put the liberal in charge and things will be better. The sun will rise in the east, crops will grow, birds will sing and the world will keep turning. Is … Read More

Is Ron Paul a Fringe Candidate?

By Mallie Jane Kim, US News & World Reports The 12-term congressman and two-time unsuccessful candidate for president is a proven fundraiser. So far his war chest comes in distant second to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. He also has staying power, supporters say. “He’s got an intensely loyal base, people who are willing to organize to do whatever it … Read More