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Online Investor Relations by ASG

Alliance Strategies Group will ensure your investor relations and corporate outreach campaigns receive a high return on your marketing investment. Successful online investor relations begins with a clear definition of your strategic objectives, as well as a process for conducting an integrated campaign.

Our team possesses the strategic tools to implement complex financial newsletter campaigns, generate buzz with potential investors, create viral momentum for companies and stock offerings, and can even execute complex initiatives to defend, protect and even enhance your online reputation or brand.

Here are some of the tools available to you at ASG:

  • Aggressive, legal email marketing: We have proven lists with tens of millions of known investors as well as SEC-defined accredited investors. Our email lists have high deliverability and have helped hundreds of companies find investors for both public and private investments. Within minutes, your news can be seen by several million prospective investors who have proven to respond to our emails.
  • Creative Development: Our design and copywriting team can assist you in designing impactful, attention-grabbing creative to be used for email campaigns, financial newsletters, press kits, surveys, landing pages and much more.
  • Public Relations: We carefully write, edit and distribute press release campaigns on a wide scale for both the general public and SEC-required public notices.
  • Earned Media: Our media department can book company executives on national TV and radio, or network them with online writers and blog networks. We have the connections to reach anyone in the media globally to help you promote your company’s great news and innovative technology.
  • Reputation Management: Preventative and defensive reputation management has become a growing part of our business, especially for corporate executives who are in the public eye or have stiff industry competition. It’s really easy for someone or a company to have its reputation injured through a variety of online portals, forums, comments and on Wikipedia, since Wikipedia is likely to be used as a reference by someone conducting research about your company or its executives. Our recognized team is full service and can handle all aspects of monitoring as well as ongoing maintenance.
  • Social Media: We utilize the latest in social media technology to establish a company’s online image, increase and protect your company’s brand management. In addition, we can create a social media infrastructure to serve as a means for disseminating company news in compliance with SEC regulations.

If you are simply looking for highly targeted and responsive lists of consumers, donors, and decisions makers, just ask us. We have significant relationships with list builders and list owners around the nation and can provide recommendation to improve your email campaigns immediately. All campaigns use opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant data.

Other core competencies include online reputation management, aggressive public relations, website development, online marketing and search engine marketing (SEM).


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