Sources, Citations & Surrogate Signer Instructions


It is essential that all information in your marketing efforts, especially statements used to support facts are accurate.  We will provide you with our sources when you receive creative to review, and we are always willing to provide more sources to make you comfortable about statements being made in the letters.

If you have statements you want included, we also ask that you provide us with the appropriate citations and sources for our records.


Many of our clients have successfully utilized Sean Hannity, James Golden aka Bo Snerdley, Newt Gingrich, President Trump, members of the Trump Family, Jon Voight, members of the Duck Dynasty family, Ted Nugent and heads of faith-based ministries.

Surrogate signers will generally increase the response to our marketing messages.

We encourage you to use surrogate signers if you have access to individuals who can serve in this capacity, but please do not ask us to write letters on behalf of surrogates until you have properly coordinated with your surrogate.

Unless other arrangements are made, we do not get involved in requesting surrogate signers to participate in a volunteer or fee-based arrangement. Clients make the request to the surrogate signer directly, but if you desire, we can send the surrogate a copy of the letter once the request is made and facilitate edits as needed.

The final approval must always be provided in writing by our Client Liaison* via email or through our Review and Approve system.  The client is always responsible for coordinating a final approval from the surrogate unless other arrangements have been made.



*The Client Liaison is the individual listed in the Agency Agreement as “Liaison”.