Next Steps

Here is a summary of the steps needed to ensure we start on the right foot.

  • Client provides the materials detailed in this packet via the online portal provided
    by ASG.
  • Arrange an on-boarding call to discuss:
    1. Messaging (Calls-to-action)
    2. Dos and don’ts
    3. the materials provided by the client.
    4. Your programs services
    5. Any disclaimers that need to be used in your marketing materials
  • Client integrates ASG personnel with their donation platform and ensures all necessary features are operable.
  • ASG starts working on creative.
  • Client reviews creative and edits are made until the client provides final approval.*
  • Template landing page is configured.
  • Once all of the above is completed, we will endeavor to launch the marketing campaigns within 10 days or less.
  • Provide ASG the required 10DLC information and related items, if utilizing ASG for P2P marketing efforts.

*Please note that all approvals must be in writing and provided by the Client Liaison listed in the Agency Agreement.