Items Needed

Online Portal—You will receive an invitation to a folder in our online portal. If you need others on your team invited as well, please let us know and ensure to upload the following items.

  1. Campaign/Organization logo in the following formats .jpeg, .png or .gif,
  2. Signature of any letter signers in the following formats .jpeg, .png or .gif,
  3. Pictures of your leadership and letter signers
    1. Headshots
    2. Group shots
    3. Especially with political celebrities, Members of Congress, Trump family, media personalities, or other celebrities that could help enhance response to our creatives
  4. Prior email or direct mail fundraising letters (if applicable),
  5. Any other information you believe would be helpful in your fundraising including opposition research, talking points, polling information, etc.
  6. If your leadership or any signer of the letters has served in law enforcement or the military, please provide pictures of them in uniform will be helpful.
  7. Please provide a disclaimer to be placed in the footer of your emails as required by the FEC, or your state campaign finance department. For nonprofit organizations, it is always a good practice to have one that explains your tax status and mission.
  8. A copy of your email house file if we are managing it for you.