House File Management

House file messaging is a productive and essential element for our digital marketing efforts and we will look for opportunities to help you maximize results from your house file.

If you have retained us to manage your house file from prior marketing efforts, (email lists, petitions, Facebook, etc), please upload the files in CSV or Excel format to the Dropbox folder we have shared with you.  We will segregate those segments from the names we provide you though our marketing efforts.

House file letters will often be used to test messages before we send them to prospect lists to ensure best results and test the messaging.

When you upload your files, please label them and if practical, please include a word document that details the files and their origins.

For Best Practices, please include as many fields of information as possible, especially the date, time and IP address from where they opted-in or donated to you.  If you can include the “first name” of the individual, it is helpful towards the marketing efforts.

There is no need to provide a list of “unsubscribes” and we will not use such files, however, we may be able to help you re-activate members who have stopped opening or engaging with your email letters.