Aggressive email fundraising & highly targeted opt-in email lists are one of our core competencies.

If you need to reach the Conservative, Republican, TEA Party and Liberty-minded donors and activists audience, contact us today. After spending more than a decade traveling coast-to-coast, our team works alongside those seeking local, county and state public office as well as Congressional, Senatorial and Presidential candidates to shape the public policy debate nationally and internationally with a proven track record for delivering RESULTS.

Our team possesses the strategic tools to implement aggressive email marketing using highly targeted opt-in email lists,  complex fundraising campaigns, generate voter participation, create awareness for candidates, and promote issues that require the attention of the masses. Or if your organization simply has a need to reach the conservative audience, we can help. Our clients retain us and rely upon us to:

  • Raise money through aggressive email marketing for political campaign fundraising to powerful opt-in email lists of Republicans, TEA party and conservative donors.
  • Defeat bad legislation using a variety of online tactics and traditional media techniques.
  • Implement new media strategies with aggressive social media, viral marketing and PR 2.0 in order to build momentum , support your campaign and RAISE MONEY.
  • Build an exciting website to engage voters and donors that will keep them coming back to support your campaign.
  • Develop an overall political campaign marketing strategy to win your election and destroy your opposition.

We can help you succeed in the 2011 legislative cycle and ensure you WIN in the 2012 election cycle. Call us for one job or one campaign cycle.

If you are looking for highly targeted and responsive opt-in email lists of voters, donors and activists, just ask us. We have significant relationships with specialized list builders and targeted list owners nationwide. All campaigns use opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliance.

Contact us now for a free consultation.