Political Campaign Marketing

Our team possesses the tools and proven track record to implement successful fundraising campaigns, target voting blocs, increase awareness for candidates, and promote issues that require massive attention.

We have supported clients through some of the toughest campaigns in U.S. history and stood on the front-lines of the biggest challenges facing our democratic republic.  After spending more than a decade traveling coast-to-coast, our team works alongside clients daily to shape the public policy debate nationally and internationally, we’ve built a reputation for delivering RESULTS.

Our clients retain us and rely upon us to:


  • Raise money through aggressive email marketing for political campaign fundraising to proven Republican supporter lists, TEA party and conservative donors.
  • Defend or attack legislation using a variety of online tactics and traditional media techniques.
  • Implement new media strategies with aggressive social media, viral marketing and PR 2.0 in order to build momentum, support your campaign and RAISE MONEY.
  • Build an exciting website to engage voters and donors that will keep them coming back to support your campaign.
  • Develop an overall political campaign marketing strategy to win your election and destroy your opposition.

We are experienced in taking on both full service relationships as well as playing specific individual roles as part of your campaign team.  Call us for one job or one campaign cycle.

Unlike those D.C. firms, we only work with true conservative clients.