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Allen West for Congress

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired) was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia and is third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. His parents instilled in … Read more

One-Third May Be Open To Behavioral Tracking

Nearly a third (32%) of Americans say they would be open to having their Web-surfing and television viewing habits monitored in order to receive ads more relevant to their … Read more

Doug Hoffman Blames ACORN for Stealing Election

By Brian Monopoli, CBSNews.comThe Conservative Party candidate who conceded a closely-watched upstate New York House race has formally repudiated that concession in a statement that suggests community-organizing group … Read more

GOP Takes the Health Care Debate Online

By Stephanie Condon, CBSNews.comAs the House of Representatives prepares to take up debate on the Democrats’ massive health care overhaul, Republicans are preparing Internet-based efforts to present a … Read more

Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group

Compared with 2008, more Americans “conservative” in general, and on issuesby Lydia Saad, Gallup ResearchPRINCETON, NJ — Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in … Read more

Closing the Deal at the Virtual Checkout Counter

By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER, The New York TimesPublished: October 11, 2009 Shoppers rarely drive to the mall, load up their carts and … Read more

Party Time: Tivo Measures Viewing, Via Dems, GOP

by Wayne Friedman, Yesterday, 12:02 PM Want to grab a Republican and not in the usual TV places? Try “Wipeout” on ABC. A Democrat? How about TNT’s … Read more

Email Open Rates Continue To Rise

By Gavin O’Malley, Media Post

For the fourth quarter in a row, email open-rates were up across a cross-section of indutries, according to new data from study from direcet … Read more

72 Hours Is So 5 Years Ago

If you haven’t started your GOTV push, you’re already late…By Erin McPike, Politics MagazineWhen it comes to getting out the vote, 72 hours just doesn’t cut it … Read more

Neutrality Rules Will Thwart Broadband Investment

Two Republican lawmakers say the Federal Communications Commission should put the brakes on a plan to craft new net neutrality rules. “We believe that network neutrality would actually … Read more